My name is Elizabeth. I’m a writer, a student, a lesbian, a friend and daughter and sister. And I used to be a trans man.

I started transitioning socially at 23, and medically a year after that. Now, I’ve reversed course. I’ve made legal, medical, and emotional progress to realign myself with womanhood. Other parts of my life are changing, too: I’m moving away from the city I’ve lived in my whole life to begin my graduate education on the west coast of a different country. This requires drastically adjusting my career path–before, I was in law school, training to be a health law attorney for transgender people with healthcare access concerns. Now, I’m a medievalist looking forward to a life of freelance writing and desperate academic job searches.

Right now, I’m spending a lot of time reorienting my life, and detransition is heavily influencing the direction I’m heading. Relearning my own womanhood is changing how I think about politics, ethics, religion, nature, and even the literature I study. This blog documents my path as I reconcile all those aspects of my life and finally come home to my female body.