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How to sing without landmarks

My life is easier when I fill it with external noise. I listen to a lot of podcasts and radio, and sometimes I even leave some streaming internet TV playing just to have sound in the background. I don’t like being alone in the quiet. It makes me think too hard. And if you’ve ever… Read More How to sing without landmarks

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Writing about medieval women (when you barely remember how to be a woman)

In my day job, which is not even really a job at this point, I’m a giant nerd. Most people get over their knights-and-princesses phase; I just translated mine into knowing way too much about Anglo-Saxon warriors’ sex lives and how Old English poetic meter works. I’m an academic. Somehow, I may someday get paid for… Read More Writing about medieval women (when you barely remember how to be a woman)

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A fallow field of fucks

I want to follow-up on something that I said in my intro post: the healthy dose of apathy. Less euphemistically, this is about not giving one single fuck about what anyone else thinks of me. I’ve been working really hard at that lately, and I think it’s affecting how I interact with men in a pretty… Read More A fallow field of fucks

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The “Hello, World” post

Hi. I’m here to antagonize you about gender. I say that, mostly, because whatever side of the ideological aisle you’re on, you will probably wish I would go away. I get that. I don’t take it personally. It’s not that I’m especially hostile or distasteful as a person, or that I’m just too brilliant at… Read More The “Hello, World” post