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Some meta: resource suggestions

I haven’t posted here in a bit, mostly because I’ve been immersed in funding applications for grad school instead, but I have a few planned posts coming up. Expect to see, in the next few weeks: a follow-up to my tomboy response, an examination of the detransition closet, and some thoughts on singing.

The biggest project I’m focusing on, though, is a resource masterpost for new detransitioners. I’m planning on focusing mainly on resources for detransitioning women, since I have no male experience of my own, and I’m thinking of including links to other personal and political writing, legal and medical information, and YouTube channels, as well as advice for seeking out a community of other detransitioners.

If you have any requests for particular topic areas for a post like that to cover, please let me know either in the comments, through the following form, or by emailing me at

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